Monday, December 21, 2009

So this is where it's lead me

So, while thinking of a couple of ideas for new designs that day while I was looking at ebay, I remembered I had several old pocket watches that had belonged to two of my grandfathers, one great grandfather and one great great grandfather. There is also a wristwatch that belonged to my father. I've had these for years and have looked at them several times.

So I'm looking at them and I decide to wind them up. Wristwatch starts right up. My grandfather's watch won't even wind. My great grandfather's gold Hamilton pocket watch is the prettiest one of the bunch. I wind it up...nuthin'. I put it on my shelf and picked up the oldest watch that belonged to Judge John Bear in Tuscumbia Missouri. This watch dates from the late 19th century. It winds with a key. I have the key. I attempt to wind it but it will only click twice. I put it aside. I'm beading and I hear a noise. I hit Mute on the remote and listen carefully. I hear ticking!!! I picked up my dad's's still running but you can't hear it. Then I pick up my great grandad Sam's watch and look at's ticking. I put it to my ear and was immediately swept up in a strong memory of sitting on my grampa's lap (Sam's son) with my head on his chest. I can smell the tractor oil and tobacco, feel the warmth of his rough hands on my arm and I can hear the ticking of the pocket watch in the chest pocket of his bib overalls. I sat and listened to it for a long time. Since then (3 days) the watch has continued to run, if I remember to wind it.

My great great grandfather's watch also ran for about 3 and a half minutes. I can't get the key to turn anymore but it was wonderful to put it up to my ear and listen to the same watch ticking as the man who died many years before I was born. He was an admirable man who did a lot of good and left the world a better place. I've always thought a lot of him so it was very special to hear his watch.

They are all still sitting here on the little shelf in front of my work space. Comforting in a way. I need to get me a watch to stick in the box too! I don't even wear one...

Nothing much about beads but just thought I'd share.

I hope you will draw your family close and tell them how much you love them during this holiday season. I'm going to.

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