Friday, March 26, 2010

New Book Info!

New Book Info! I'm so excited to be a part of this! Stay Tuned!

Beading Across America: Jewelry Inspiration from Coast to Coast
Seed bead and bead weaving artists from across the U.S. have created a huge
collaborative jewelry project about how where they live shapes their work. The
compilation of each artisan’s jewelry statement about place yields a beading reflection of
the vast American landscape. Readers can mix these geographic influences into their
personal cultural fusion to help define their own work as artists. At the same time, all
these artisans have much to teach: Every project has instruction about how it was created.
This rich, expansive title introduces new and diverse styles of beadwork to beginning,
intermediate, and advanced beaders.
“We are a nation of beaders, working independently yet sharing a common thread,” said
Amy Katz, coauthor and contributor. “To think of artists using the same beads and
stitches to create such diverse work is just thrilling. We may show our work nationally,
but most of us are working at home, on our own with our view, our personal inspiration,
and our beads.”
Beading Across America is coauthored by Paulette Baron, Amy Katz, and Sherry
Serafini, and will be published by Kalmbach Books in the spring of 2011. Contributors
Connecticut: Laura McCabe Maryland: Paulette Baron
New Jersey: Sandy Houk Pennsylvania: Sherry Serafini
Massachusetts: Deb Saucier New York: Suzanne Golden
Alabama: Yoli Pasturszak Georgia: Margie Deeb
Virginia: Amy Katz Florida: Louise Hill
North Carolina: Carol Wilcox Wells Kentucky: Sandy Martin
Colorado: Heidi Kummli Texas: June Huber
Arizona: Scarlett Lanson New Mexico: Nikia Angel
Nevada: Susan Barrett Utah: Sherri Haab
Alaska: Jeanette Shanigan California: Huib Petersen
Oregon: Carol Perreneud and Virginia Blakelock Washington: Beverly Ash Gilbert
Hawaii: Alethia Donathan Idaho: Stephanie Eddy
Wisconsin: Diane Hyde Illinois: NanC Meinhardt
Minnesota: Diane Fitzgerald Nebraska: Marcia Laging-Cummings
Michigan: Liz Thompson Iowa: Darcy Horn