Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I sit here surrounded by unwrapped gifts playing on the computer. What is wrong with me? I have candy to make, packages to wrap, house to "clean", yadda yadda I'm looking at pictures of Victorian jewelry for inspiration. I have a couple of new pieces on the bead board and am hoping to get a chance to bead this afternoon! Housework be damned!

So, I'm in Michael's (craft store) yesterday picking up some more containers to put candy in for friends and neighbors, and a woman walks up to me and says "You stand out as one of the most exciting beaders around." I stammered, "Thank do you know? (I had not one lick of beadwork on)...she replied "Oh, I've seen you all decked out!" I thanked her and we talked about having time to bead after the holidays and parted ways. I was very flattered by her statement but it also made me feel, I don't know, "funny". And, not in the hilarious way.

It made me think about the people who are truly "famous". Many of them worked for years to be good/visible in their field and achieved fame. The reward is a double edged sword I'm a thinkin'. Can you imagine not being able to go out to eat in peace, or go to the grocery store....*shudder*. That would definitely put an end to me going to the post office in my plaid flannel pj pants (I call them my work pajamas).

I hope you are all finding time to enjoy the season! And, above all, let's not forget the reason for the ain't all about the presents. Love your family and bask in the light of their company! Remember, their presence is your best present!

Best wishes for a lovely holiday season and may you and yours find peace and joy in the new year.

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